Vacation and Visiting

Earlier this week, Jeremy took James to a lovely little lake-side campsite for three days for a father-son camping trip. James was totally excited about it and the swimming, playing and rounds of UNO lived up to his expectations.


I was pretty excited about having some quiet time at home with the girls, and it turned out to be both refreshing and productive. Okay, so maybe not the first day during which my eyes began to glaze over as I compared and contrasted reading curriculum. But after that, it was lovely!

June relished being able to hold Alice whenever she pleased instead of having to compete with James for that joy.

While They Were Camping-3

While They Were Camping

TK Visit-7

And shortly after Jeremy and James returned home, our out-of-town guests arrived! When Tim mentioned during one of our FaceTime chats that he and Kristi were planning to visit, I actually got the shivers! I was so excited!

It was special being able to host them here and share a few days together. Admittedly the last few days have been a little seminary-heavy! We toured CRTS, had a JOY meeting and Jeremy, Tim and Kristi attended CRTS convocation. But I think I can safely say they enjoyed seeing where Jeremy spends his days and getting a glimpse of what life is like for us in good ol’ Hammy.

It was also very special to introduce them in person to our dear little Alice! She was such a sweet little thing during their visit.

TK Visit-2

TK Visit-3

TK Visit-6

TK Visit

Today we visited Niagara Falls with Tim and Kristi, but I forgot my camera in the van and the sprinkle of rain turned into a downpour as we caught our first good look of the Falls. So, this photo of June napping en route will have to do!

TK Visit-5

Safe travels home, T&K! We loved having you stay here!


One thought on “Vacation and Visiting

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    So fun for both of you guys; for you and Jeremy to host, and for Tim and Kristi to visit your home!! ♥
    Alice’s eyes are so blue! On that picture with Kristi holding her they just pop!


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