Today I’d started making dinner when James walked in from outside, a question on his mind. “Mom, do you think I’m old enough now to use the sprinkler that moves back and forth instead of the little one that just stands still?” I told him yes, that I thought he was old enough and would really enjoy it, too. Seeing as the weather was beautiful, he asked if we could set up the sprinkler right then and there.

At first I said no. James’s shoulders slumped and he looked so disappointed. And I thought, I’m only saying no because of the personal inconvenience. Setting up the sprinkler for the kids meant I’d be out there with them making sure June wasn’t dashing through the carport onto the road. But really, the veggies were already in the oven and there was another 25 minutes to go before they were ready . . .

I read a blog post at the beginning of the year on having a Word of the Year. At first I dismissed the idea as being far too dorky; but then the blogger went on to say that her word for the year was going to be Generosity. She wanted to say ‘yes’ to her children more often than ‘no’ when they came to her with requests for games and play. I’ve thought about that a lot this past year, and while I certainly haven’t said yes as often as I might’ve, I changed my mind and said it today – and, oh, we had such fun.















3 thoughts on “Generosity

    • arenda says:

      Well, this week the weather is supposed to cool down to about 14 degrees. So it’s autumn here, too! I think this past week was just summer’s last hurrah here. 🙂


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