Autumn Ramblings

The other day we ventured out to Canterbury Hills while Alice was napping at home with Jeremy. James and June loved rambling around and exploring the forest!

I was rather more interested in the civil war (I think) drama being filmed on location. I huffed and puffed as I pushed seventy pounds of children past uniformed men camped in tents with cannons a hop and a skip away. A film crew member halted our progress at one point, bid us to be reverently silent and eventually received permission via his official looking headphones to “release the civilians.” Ha!

Canterbury-10 Canterbury-4 Canterbury-2 Canterbury-3 Canterbury-5 Canterbury-6 Canterbury-7 Canterbury-9 Canterbury-8

Getting more and more adventurous, that James. And June would be up there in a heartbeat if she could.

Home school-11

And a few of our darling baby girl to end this post. Adieu!

Smiles-2 Smiles


One thought on “Autumn Ramblings

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    aw, very sweet of Jeremy to stay behind with Alice while you had some time with the older two. With a new little baby, I remember missing that time with just the other kids so much! ♥


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