Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. We had an enjoyable day, first attending church, then feeling the warmth of the afternoon sun, then sharing a delicious meal together.

Alice Eating-5

Oh! The kids also had a little indoor Easter egg hunt!

EasterAlice Eating-2Alice Eating-4

Yep, they were juuuuuuuust fine with discovering little chocolate eggs all over the house!

Alice Eating-3

A few father-daughter photos. I love these ones!

Easter Weekend-8Easter Weekend-9Easter Weekend-10

Alice has gone from being ho-hum about food to being quite demanding when she feels a hunger pang! She enjoys all foods, from olives to soup to buns to little dinner medleys of whatever we’re eating.

Alice Eating-6Alice Eating-7Alice Eating-8

June, AKA the dinner thief.

Alice Eating-9

June is growing up these days . . .

Easter Weekend-2Easter Weekend-3Easter Weekend-6Easter Weekend

And I just couldn’t resist including this one. Undignified splashing in the puddles! Such fun. 🙂

Easter Weekend-11


Ice Storm

We had a two-day ice storm here this week! A friend aptly described the results as “vicious beauty.” (She would know – her car was destroyed by a falling tree branch during our last ice storm.) Here are a few photos of that vicious beauty outside our home.

Ice StormIce Storm-2Ice Storm-3Ice Storm-5Ice Storm-4Ice Storm-6Ice Storm-7Ice Storm-8Ice Storm-10

And two of our little munchkins curiously watching mama take photos:

Ice Storm-11

Terry + Kelsey’s Wedding

I’m just finishing editing Terry & Kelsey’s wedding photos and thought I’d share a few of them here as a little sneak peek.

Starting with my personal favourite:


James was the ring-bearer and just relished the role!


Kelsey and her papa.


Kelsey & Terry, you looked stunning in your wedding attire! (That dress! So perfect on you, Kelsey!)


Mr. & Mrs.!





The whole wedding party:


And a few shots of the newly married couple:




Congratulations, Terry & Kelsey! 🙂

Westward ho!

Last week we returned home from a wonderful three-week stay in BC. I absolutely loved our time out there. BC is so beautiful in the spring-time! Fresh and green and gentle, it was the perfect time to be there. And the splendour of nature aside, we also had two weddings to attend so that made it an even more ideal time to visit. We enjoyed staying at mom and dad’s place again. Their home remains the hub of the Schutte family, and there always seemed to be someone popping in for this or that – so fun!

I didn’t end up taking too many photos of our stay, unfortunately. But here are a few from our weeks there. The first bunch are from visits to the River House:


I absolutely love this next photo! I’m planning to print and frame it.


Our little Alice Genevieve is growing up. She’s already eight months old and just started waving and clapping this week! She loves having little toys to play with and watching her siblings goof off around her.


And a few pictures from life at mom and dad’s:


Last minute hemming before the wedding! 🙂


Watching some birdies outside.


This is a pretty terrible photo light-wise, but I love how it shows how much Zara loved being around Alice! She found her soooo interesting! I think she’s going to be over the moon when your next little one arrives, Renae! 🙂


A few photos of us on the morning of Colin and Karli’s wedding day (June was the flower girl!).


After getting her hair done (thanks Renae!):


That little thumb reminds me she’s still a little girl, fancy dress notwithstanding.


We are home again and enjoying our familiar surroundings here, though I must admit I’m having a bit of a post-trip slump – just feeling kinda blue and lonely these days after all the camaraderie and gezelligheit out west.

Maybe editing some wedding photos will help?! 🙂