Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. We had an enjoyable day, first attending church, then feeling the warmth of the afternoon sun, then sharing a delicious meal together.

Alice Eating-5

Oh! The kids also had a little indoor Easter egg hunt!

EasterAlice Eating-2Alice Eating-4

Yep, they were juuuuuuuust fine with discovering little chocolate eggs all over the house!

Alice Eating-3

A few father-daughter photos. I love these ones!

Easter Weekend-8Easter Weekend-9Easter Weekend-10

Alice has gone from being ho-hum about food to being quite demanding when she feels a hunger pang! She enjoys all foods, from olives to soup to buns to little dinner medleys of whatever we’re eating.

Alice Eating-6Alice Eating-7Alice Eating-8

June, AKA the dinner thief.

Alice Eating-9

June is growing up these days . . .

Easter Weekend-2Easter Weekend-3Easter Weekend-6Easter Weekend

And I just couldn’t resist including this one. Undignified splashing in the puddles! Such fun. πŸ™‚

Easter Weekend-11


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