Quotable James

Jer Birthday-8

After running around for a while: “I’m soooooo hot that I’m surprised I don’t have flames of fire coming off of me!!!”

While eating a piping hot German pancake: “I almost burned my tongue! And smoke almost poured out of my ears!!!”

Said with a solemn expression whilst watching me make some tortellini soup: “Mom, I make a covenant with you that I will not touch this hot pan.”

“Mom, may I please use that interesting piece of the swiffer while we play in the basement? I promise to use it responsibly.”
“Sure, James.”
“June, are you nervous about this swiffer? You don’t need to me. I told mom I would use it responsibly and that means not hitting you with it.”

Looking at my new black pants with flowers (shown in the picture below): “What?! Did your legs turn black and you get tattoos all over them??!!”

Jer Birthday-7




Jeremy celebrated his 33rd birthday last Saturday! It worked out well that his final paper of the semester was due on Friday – with that out of the way, he was able to enjoy an afternoon and evening free of school work! We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of German pancakes (recipe can be found here) and smoothies together in the morning.

Jer Birthday

We gave Jeremy a whittling knife and a knife sharpening strop as gifts.

Jer Birthday-2Jer Birthday-3Jer Birthday-4Jer Birthday-5Jer Birthday-6

We love you, Jeremy, and are looking forward to sharing the year ahead, wherever it takes us, with you!

Life Lately

Life is hard right now.

Jeremy has decided not to go into the ministry. That’s a big decision, and a difficult one, and one about which we both feel at peace. And yet, it leaves us living in The Land of Perpetual Snow (love you, Hamilton, but your winters suck), a few weeks of school left to go, and our dreams of the future crumbled into ashes in our hands.

The thing is, I was okay with the uncertainty that came with being a seminary student’s wife. You know, not knowing if your husband would get a call; not knowing where he might be called to (a tiny village in Alberta? the mission field? please not The Land of Snow & Mosquitoes!); even not knowing if you’d agree on which call to accept. There was uncertainty in that future, but the uncertainty was outweighed by the confidence I had in Jeremy, as a humble and God-fearing man, being well-suited to the calling.

But this? This is a different sort of uncertainty altogether. I feel deeply unsettled, like the psalmist in Psalm 42 whose soul is “disquieted within him.”

I’m frequently looking at job postings and honestly? Every avenue we have looked into so far has resulted in nothing but closed doors. I’m tired of crying. And fretting. We’re certainly throwing ourselves at God’s feet with unrestrained frequency these days and we look forward to praising Him for getting us through this rocky period.

Please pray for us. Please pray for a job for Jeremy and peace for our little family as we wait for something to fall into place.


Biking & Chatting

James re-discovered biking this past week! He started biking last November after my dad fitted some training wheels to a bike that’d been given to us. Alas, one of the training wheels fell off a few days after my parents left and we couldn’t figure out how to re-attach the tricky thing. And so the poor little bike sat unloved and unused all winter – till James gave it a whirl this past week and discovered that he can bike with one training wheel just fine (or, perhaps a little tilted to the side, but hey).

And so – utter joy.

“Bye mom, I’m going to ride my bike for a while!”
“But it’s pouring outside!”
“That doesn’t matter. See ya!”

The other day we meandered over to a nearby church parking lot and James biked to and fro across it with a delighted smile on his face. After a while I asked if he was ready to go and he replied, “Oh no, I could bike here forever, I’m having such fun!”


One of his sibling observers:


And here’s a video of this little girl. Alice went through a growth spurt last week and has been so loud and chatty since then! Quite adorable to listen to! And she started waving, too, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.