Jeremy celebrated his 33rd birthday last Saturday! It worked out well that his final paper of the semester was due on Friday – with that out of the way, he was able to enjoy an afternoon and evening free of school work! We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of German pancakes (recipe can be found here) and smoothies together in the morning.

Jer Birthday

We gave Jeremy a whittling knife and a knife sharpening strop as gifts.

Jer Birthday-2Jer Birthday-3Jer Birthday-4Jer Birthday-5Jer Birthday-6

We love you, Jeremy, and are looking forward to sharing the year ahead, wherever it takes us, with you!


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  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    Aw shucks! We prayed for Jeremy at breakfast and promptly forgot to even Skype or email a happy birthday. Sounds like a great day for his birthday; after his final paper! Hope this year continues to bring health and happiness for you all…whatever the future may hold 🙂


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