Quotable James

Jer Birthday-8

After running around for a while: “I’m soooooo hot that I’m surprised I don’t have flames of fire coming off of me!!!”

While eating a piping hot German pancake: “I almost burned my tongue! And smoke almost poured out of my ears!!!”

Said with a solemn expression whilst watching me make some tortellini soup: “Mom, I make a covenant with you that I will not touch this hot pan.”

“Mom, may I please use that interesting piece of the swiffer while we play in the basement? I promise to use it responsibly.”
“Sure, James.”
“June, are you nervous about this swiffer? You don’t need to me. I told mom I would use it responsibly and that means not hitting you with it.”

Looking at my new black pants with flowers (shown in the picture below): “What?! Did your legs turn black and you get tattoos all over them??!!”

Jer Birthday-7




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