Summer in BC, 3/30

My mom’s here for the weekend (yay!) and brought a bike along for June, who is relishing every opportunity of riding it! Or at least of sitting on it while Grandma pushes her. 🙂




Summer in BC, 2/30

When we moved back to BC, Jeremy began dreaming about going to Harmon again. He and his friends have been going there over the August Long Weekend for the last 10+ years, although Jeremy of course has been MIA since we moved to Hamilton.

His hopes of camping and beer frivolities were dashed when he discovered I had to work the Friday and Saturday of the long weekend, and then revived when my mom graciously offered to come up for the weekend to watch our kids while I worked.

THE JOY, you guys! The joy!

This morning Jeremy left at 6:30am and we sent him off with waves and cries of “Farewell!” and “We love you!!!”


Summer in BC, 1/30

I’ve been enjoying Renae’s Photo-a-Day so much lately that I thought I would join in. I’ll be posting a photo a day for the next 30 days – hopefully it’ll give you a picture of what regular life is like for us in BC these days. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to get a photo of James, June and Alice together to put as a background photo on my computer at work. Finally got one!


Although, let’s be honest, 33 of the 34 photos looked more like this: