Life at Columbia Cottage

Summer in BC, 20/30

I finally finished Alice’s baby blanket! I used the Double Seed Stitch Blanket pattern on Purl Soho’s website and really like the way it turned out. I double knitted the blanket (this refers to using two strands of yarn at a time, instead of the usual one) to make it thicker and softer and that worked well. On these pictures the colour looks redder than it actually is – it’s closer to fuchsia in real life.




And one of our favourite activities lately is reading the original Winnie the Pooh stories together. They’re so funny and the characters are wonderfully imagined; you can just picture bumbling Pooh, timid Piglet, practical, no-nonsense Rabbit and morose Eeyore!

June was having a rough afternoon, so she and Puppy snuggled up for a listen.


Life at Columbia Cottage

Summer in BC, 16/30

I came home from work today and Jeremy mentioned that Alice had figured out how to stand on her own. What?! This little love has been walking around furniture for a few months already but hasn’t shown any interest in standing solo – in fact, every time we’d coach her to stand alone, she’d just immediately flop to the ground.

I had to see this new skill in action, so Jeremy stood Alice on her feet – and she got a determined look in her eye – and she stiffened up her legs – and she let go – there she was, standing on her own!

And then she took her first steps, too!!!




I was pretty pleased she saved that wonderful moment for when I was home! 🙂

Life at Columbia Cottage

Summer in BC, 15/30

It’s a cooler day today, so the kids have been playing inside for a while. While James has been busy constructing Orthanc, Alice has been working on stacking blocks together. She is not interested in help; she wants to do it herself and will try over and over until the blocks are stacked correctly. Totally adorable to watch. 🙂


And the delight that comes from success!