Summer in BC

Well, I’ve been pretty terrible at posting daily. So here are a whole bunch of photos from the last little while . . .

It’s tres chaud over here these days.

Alice Swing-8

Alice Swing-10

Fun times out of doors.

Alice Swing-17

Alice Swing-16

Alice Swing-18

Alice Swing

Water fun!

Alice Swing-6

Alice Swing-7

Alice Swing-15

Gettin’ along.

Alice Swing-14

Alice Swing-13

James has been really interested in puzzles ever since Grandma brought him a lovely little puzzle of Canada. June loves to “help” and Alice finds them fascinating, too, so nap time = puzzle time.

Alice Swing-5

Alice loves the Daily Routines chart. The other kids? Not so much.

Alice Swing-12

Alice Swing-2

Alice Swing-3

Dinner helper. 🙂

Alice Swing-11

Alice Swing-4


4 thoughts on “Summer in BC

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    I love your black and whites, arenda! So pretty. They’re all great, but my favorite is the one of James with water dripping off his face. There’s a little piece of grass on his forehead, and the whole thing just screams summer. Love it!


  2. tkdehaan says:

    Your black and white photos are always so striking! There’s something about the lack of colour that makes them more full of emotion, I think.
    I agree, the one of James is amazing, and the one of James helping Alice by the swing, and the close ups of June… very sweet!


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