Summer in BC, 13/30

The children three:


James and I have been slowly making our way through The Lord of the Rings and tonight he was absolutely thrilled when Gandalf reappeared in the story after his devastating fight with the Balrog. James’s eyes were glowing as I read and at one point he said, “Just wait, just wait, I HAVE to tell dad that Gandalf came back!!!”


Speaking of getting immersed in stories . . . Jeremy has been telling James and June bedtime stories lately and they are quite wild about them. He’s been telling James stories about Anselm, an adventurous ocean explorer, and June stories about Booster the Bee. James will often give me a kiss at bedtime and say, “I’ll tell you about my Anselm story in the morning!” Their enthusiasm is totally adorable. 🙂

For your listening pleasure, here are some retellings of their bedtime stories:


2 thoughts on “Summer in BC, 13/30

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    Oh arenda, that’s awesome! Kids always love a good story (though I find them so hard to make up on the spot) . I love how James patiently waits for June, but can’t wait to get started when she’s done :).

    Quite the scrape on his leg too…biking accident?


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