Summer in BC, 17/30

I spent a good portion of today resting in bed after a minor stomach bug. And now Jeremy and the kids are in bed, so on tonight’s leisurely menu is some cheese, peppers and homemade prunes (courtesy of Jeremy – he used this recipe and they’re incredibly – and surprisingly – delicious!) and a new Jane Austen movie. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Summer in BC, 17/30

    • arenda says:

      I actually didn’t enjoy the movie. There are so many other JA movies I’d much rather watch instead, like the original Pride and Prejudice (a glorious five hour movie that is so good!), or the newest Emma (four hour miniseries, also wonderful). 🙂


  1. Lyn Metzlar says:

    Our plum tree is loaded this summer, and I have my third batch of dried plums in the oven right now (each batch = about 90 plums). Freeze them individually on a cookie sheet, then pop them into bags or containers. Deliciousness all winter long.
    And then there’s plum chutney …


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