The best part of October (so far) was returning home to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. We had two feasts, caught up with our families and watched our kids enthusiastically play with their cousins. I love seeing that – the easy relationships, the way James and Austin can spend hours playing with trucks in the dirt, the way June can play alongside Eden and Zara, the look on Alice’s face when she gets a close-up look at babies Ivy and Georgia.

Alas, the photographic evidence of our trip is minimal.



Back home we’ve been enjoying four things:

1. The Fall Colours
The fall colours here are amazing! The yellows, oranges and reds are so bright, so beautiful. When we stand in our backyard, we have a gorgeous view of a mountain in full autumn colours!





2. Knock-knock Jokes
We somehow got started on knock-knock jokes and June in particular got hooked on them. Her laugh is so infectious!

3. Our New Couch
Oooooh, this couch is comfy and cozy and oh-so-relaxing! We are so happy with it! Alice was, in fact, so comfortable on it that she fell asleep sitting up which never happens. 🙂




4. Jeremy’s Cooking
Jeremy’s been making our meals and we’ve been trying all sorts of new and tasty things – sausage and lentil soup, bean burritos, fish pie. The other day he made some good old fashioned spaghetti and Alice was really, really satisfied with it.


5. Interesting Conversations


James: “Mom, do Balrogs come from Mordor?”
Jeremy: “No, Balrogs are ancient creatures that existed before Mordor.”
James: “From when? The 1980s?”
(Haha! Good to know that being from the 1980s makes one ancient!)


We were reading a part of the Bible that spoke about peace and I was musing aloud: “God sure has blessed us with peace, hey?”
James replied, dubiously: “Yes, but God has also blessed me with lots of carrots in my sweet potato chili, and I’m not so pleased about that!!!”


James: “I wish bedtimes were called fimps and no one knew what they were!!!”




4 thoughts on “October

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    Too true what you wrote about watching cousins play and the easy relationships! It gets me everytime the kids go off and play with their cousins :).
    Jeremy’s knock knock jokes got me laughing out loud. June’s laugh is adorable!!
    And Alice falling asleep sitting up! That’s impressive! Must be so nice to have a spot to relax on now!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tkdehaan says:

    What a beautiful view from your backyard! Your couch looks great in that corner of your living room; must be well used after missing one for those months. 🙂 Those meals sound interesting and delish!

    Liked by 1 person

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