June’s 3rd Birthday

It’s June’s 3rd birthday today!!!



June is such a fun and sweet little girl! She’s spunky, passionate and loves to laugh. (We end up telling knock-knock jokes every dinner time because she loves them so.) She snuggly and cuddly and loves dressing herself (scarves and shoes are favourites these days). She gets frustrated so easily, but also gets over things quite quickly. James is her best friend; they play together all the time and have such fun together. She doesn’t really know what to do without him around!


We lost June’s doll, Pearl, somewhere during our move to Fruitvale, so we picked out a new one for her birthday. She was pretty pleased. 🙂





Jeremy made a bed for her new doll (also named Pearl) and I knit her a blanket.


June also got some dress-up clothes from Grandpa and Grandma’s dress-up bin! 🙂




June loved hearing us sing “Happy Birthday!” to her, and we all enjoyed the Old-Fashioned Apple Cake w/ Brown Sugar Frosting.





I did a little birthday interview with James when he turned three, and did the same one with June a few days ago . . .

Q: How old are you going to be on your birthday, sweetheart?
A: Three!

Q: And what can you do now that you’re three?
A: Oh! I get to have some cake! And some candles! And some balloons! Ummm . . . you’ll say, “Happy birthday to you!” That song! That’s the end.

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing?
A: I like to spin the globe. Alice was spinning the globe with me and I said to her, “Good job!” and she said, “Bah!” to me!

Q: And what else do you like doing?
A: Uh, just a minute, I need to get my journal. I really like my journal! And I like . . . to go outside and play, and I like to read books with dad . . . and you do school with James and dad would read me books.

Q: What stories do you like to hear about?
A: I like to read that one (points to The Library) and that one (points to A Mountain Alphabet). And Jamberry! And Little Red Riding Hood. And I like to colour! And I like to write in my journal.

Q: What do you like about James?
A: I like to wrestle with him!

Q: What do you like about Alice?
A: I would like to play with Alice! We play with the globes. And we play outside and . . . we play on the piano.

Q: What do you and I do together?
A: I do that (spins around on one foot). And we go to the parking lot.

Q: What are some things that you and dad do together?
A: We wrestle. And I would like to snuggle with dad. And have coffee with him! And tea with him!

Q: What makes you happy?
A: I would like to sleep.
Q: So, sleep makes you happy?
A: Yep.
Q: Oh, okay. What else makes you happy?
A: That’s the end.

Q: What is something scary?
A: A wolf! (June says this with wide and frightened-looking eyes.)
Q: Oh really? Tell me about the wolf.
A: It can eat me. It has sharp teeth!
Q: Oh dear! And who would protect you from the wolf?
A: You would!!!

Q: What are you really good at, June?
A: I would like to go to church!
Q: What are some things that you’re really good at doing?
A: Playing with James’s Lego and some Duplo. That’s the end!

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: A man!
Q: A man? You want to be a man when you grow up?
A: No, a lady! A lady with a baby!
Q: You want to be a lady with a baby? That’s one of the best things in the world, hey?
A: Yep! And I would like to go to the Play Place with you and I, and to Grandpa and Grandma’s! And go camping!

Q: What is something new you’d like to try?
A: That’s the end.

Q: What do you think about before you fall asleep?
A: I would like to hear about Booster the Bee. And about if a wolf should come, and eat me.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about God?
A: God gives us things. And I would like to talk about Jesus, and hear about Jesus talking in the church.
Q: Who is Jesus?
A: God!
Q: And what did Jesus do?
A: He gave us our lives back. And I would like to play soccer!


3 thoughts on “June’s 3rd Birthday

  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!
    I love the interview you did with her, and how she kept saying “the end”, heehee!! And the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. 😀
    Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating together!!


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