There and Back Again

Several weeks ago I had a miscarriage. I’d been eleven weeks pregnant and it was a terribly disappointing realization that the little baby I’d been carrying inside me had died. I’d been  quite smitten with this little babe as I’d already felt him/her moving at nine weeks. This child seemed to be a lively little soul and in that respect reminded me of James, and I looked forward to August with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement over having another child to love, and trepidation over having a baby right when we could be moving . . .

After the miscarriage I took some time off of work, and as I also had a bit of vacation time lined up, we decided to go the Fraser Valley for a little respite. I thought to myself, “It’d be lovely to see the first signs of spring in Abbotsford, and to go for a walk or two along the dike.” Well, Abbotsford was hit with a snowstorm shortly after we arrived, and so our visit was more “hunker down and rest” than “spring-time walks.” Which was probably just as well, as I felt rather poorly for the first week anyhow.

Here are a few photos from around my parents’ home. The snowdrifts form so quickly; their driveway from the house to the barn was soon covered in 6-8 feet of snow.



We thought this mini drift looked a bit like a dragon prowling about outside.


James and June relished every moment they spent in the tractor with Grandpa!


Once the rains returned and the snows receded, we popped outside for some exercise along the driveway. Alice was sooooo excited to be outside! She’s been cooped up for ages this winter, poor thing.



June was so excited to see Emerson at Opa and Oma’s house. She gave Emerson a bear hug when she walked in the door and couldn’t quite believe her good luck when she and Emerson got to go to sleep in the same bed at night. Seeing her fondness for and admiration of her older cousin was so charming!


James was totally in the mood for board games during our stay. We played many, many rounds of Shut the Box, then moved on to Dominoes, Guess Who and Battle-Ship. I think he’d play games all day long if there was a willing and capable partner available. 🙂


Happy travellers!


We were wondering what our place would look like when we returned . . . well, the snow definitely hadn’t receded here! In fact, the piles had multiplied.




Wowzers! Such a sea of snow! I love how it’s all ripply in this photo and looks like waves of snow!



Such a nice view of the snow pile from that window, hey?


James came into the house today upset because his snow boot had gotten left behind in a pile of snow. A three-foot pile of snow! In the middle of the yard! We went on a rescue mission and now the dear little boot is recuperating inside.



My dear little boots are also recuperating.



Uno! Alice loves to be part of whatever James and June are up to. 🙂


And little Junie after her bath. 🙂 Love that little girl!



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