Alice’s Birthday & Other Summer Happenings

Our dear little Alice Genevieve turned two earlier this month! We were camping with my mom and dad at Syringa Provincial Park at the time, which was pretty much the best birthday Alice could have asked for!

July 2017-4-2

The weather was very, very hot and the water was very, very cold. Perfect!

July 2017-3-2

We stayed at an RV campsite for the first bit, and while it was pleasant to have an electrical hookup, the lack of shade made it a less than ideal location. We then found a lovely shady campsite to move to, which proved to be an excellent decision. The kids loved exploring the little trails around the campsite, it was close to the playground and beach, and James found an abandoned scooter (its wonky wheel was speedily fixed by Grandpa) and scooted on the road till he dropped into bed exhausted at night.

July 2017-15-2

July 2017-7-2

Chucking rocks while people fish is generally considered a sin. But Grandpa and the girls were a sufficient distance away. 🙂

July 2017-11-2

July 2017-10-2

Jeremy caught a little whitefish! Exciting for us, rather disappointing for him. (I guess they are not exactly fish you brag about catching.)

July 2017-12-2

July 2017-6-2

July 2017-5-2

Rather than setting up the pack’n’play in the fifth wheel, we tucked Alice into this little wardrobe. She fit perfectly and slept pretty well. 🙂

James investigated it first to see if it had a secret portal to Narnia (most disappointingly, it does not) and was wondering if Alice would go to Narnia in her sleep. “If she does, then I’m going to sleep in there, too!”

July 2017-9-2

Opening some gifts!

July 2017-8-2

Grandpa and Grandma took us out for dinner for Alice’s birthday. We went to the Lion’s Head Pub in Castlegar and the food there was excellent! Alice relished every bite of her enormous grilled cheese sandwich.

July 2017-13-2

July 2017-14-2

It’s been so hot and sunny the last few weeks! A friend from church lent us this little pool and the kids have been enjoying it daily. Alice loves wearing her “bathing soup” and cheers, “Hurray!” when she puts it on. 🙂

July 2017-19

July 2017-18

James has been fighting many imaginary battles against the Calormenes (the enemies of Narnia, in case you haven’t read the Chronicles lately).

July 2017-7

June joins in frequently.

July 2017-8

“Mom, take a picture of my face set in grim determination as I prepare to go to battle!”

July 2017-9

Off he dashes!

July 2017-10

And vigorously fights!

July 2017-11

July 2017-14

July 2017-15

July 2017-6

July 2017-4

July 2017-3

July 2017-12

July 2017-13

July 2017-16

July 2017

Our apple tree is going crazy this year!

July 2017-17

Jeremy’s accepted a teaching job in Kelowna and we are currently preparing to move there. It is a stressful time, as we don’t yet have a place to live (the rental market there is absurdly competitive). Please keep us in your prayers as we are finding it awfully tempting to be anxious.


6 thoughts on “Alice’s Birthday & Other Summer Happenings

  1. Esther says:

    You’ve got a beautiful bunch there Arenda! So fun to hear the fascination with Chronicles. Have you ever heard the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre CDs of Chronicles of Narnia? It is fantastic! We always have a CD going in the van…and it’s entertaining for all of us! Blessings also, as you prepare to move!


    • arenda says:

      Hi Esther – and thanks! 🙂 Oh yes, James is quite obsessed with the Chronicles. We’ve got several of them in audiobook format on an old iPod and he loves listening to them. I haven’t heard of the Family Radio Theatre version, but thanks for mentioning it! Sounds lovely!


  2. jrdeleeuw says:

    All three of them on the log = perfect! Such a great way to ring in Alice’s birthday! And a great one of all of them with mom and dad too…so much joy!
    James cracks me up with his imaginative play! It’s awesome!
    June’s big brown eyes are positively sparkling. Such a beauty!


  3. Tanya says:

    Oh Alice, she is so sweet I just want to hug her! Your kids all have beautiful eyes, I find it so neat they’re all different colours! What an abundance of apples…beats our tree – I ate the one apple it produced 😂


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