Last Saturday we moved to our new home! The themes of the day were snow and help. The week leading up to the move we were watching the forecast with interest; it showed mostly cold and clear days, and then snow/rain on Saturday. And it turns out we got a huge dump of snow on moving day, about 15cm! It began in the morning and continued till mid-afternoon. The snow piles on either side of the driveway (hardened to lumps of ice) made backing into the driveway rather tricky.


Made it!!!


We had so much help that day! Tim and Kristi and their children came out, as did Brian and Terry, and Jeremy’s principal and our weight-lifting neighbour also lent a hand. It made for a very smooth day! When we moved from Fruitvale to West Kelowna, it took Jeremy and another guy all day to load the truck; here it took about two hours! Amazing!

James and Jake tended the ramp to the U-Haul truck, making sure it was clear of snow and debris:




These two little girls puttered around cheerfully all day:


After some scrumptious cinnamon buns (courtesy of Kristi, which totally reminded me of when we packed up our condo so many moons ago and she also made cinnamon buns for the movers!), Jeremy and the guys left with the U-Haul. Kristi and I stayed behind to tidy up and pick up a few leftover items, and by the time we got to the new place, everything was already unloaded! So we all took a good break and enjoyed some pizza.


Since then we have been unpacking and re-arranging our new place. The weather has been very chilly (-19C one morning!) so we haven’t explored the neighbourhood yet… but just setting up our home has been enjoyable. And tiring! I’m 39 weeks pregnant today and definitely feeling every one of those weeks! It’s been such a relief, though, to have the move behind us – I was having frightful daydreams of going into labour before the move, or mid-move, and it’s wonderful to know none of those are going to come true!

A few days ago the kids and I headed back to our old home and cleaned it from top to bottom. It was a big job, and the kids were SO helpful! They cheerfully tackled the bottom shelves of the kitchen, wiped down the walls, helped pack up the remaining items in the fridge, etc. So we stopped in at a cozy bakery-coffee shop on the way home and had a little treat.




I’ll have some photos of our new place once things are in their proper places and the house is not so cluttered! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Moving!

    • arenda says:

      Thanks Amber! Yeah, moving this far along in my pregnancy wasn’t really a joy! Haha! But it all worked out. I’m thankful so many people could lend a hand so I didn’t have to lift much that day. Thanks so much for your prayers! 🙂


  1. jrdeleeuw says:

    Reading this a day after sweet Leo was born, and I have tears in my eyes. How wonderful to be fully moved, and unpacked before he made his speedy entrance into the world! What a blessing!


    • arenda says:

      It’s SO true, hey?! i keep thinking about the perfect timing of everything… how we were able to move in, get totally settled… and then little Leo arrived! Couldn’t have planned it better! 🙂


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