Life Lately

Leo turned six weeks old on Sunday! Already! These past few weeks have gone by ridiculously quickly, and I’ve got a sneaking suspicious summer will be here in the blink of an eye. We’re just now on our second week of homeschooling since he was born, and it’s been really, really good to be back into a routine!

Ready for a deluge of photos? Here we go . . .

Two-day old Leo:


Four-day old Leo listening in on the pre-bedtime fairy tale:


Those first few weeks were such a blur that I just have a few cell phone pictures to look back on . . . Here he’s four days old . . .



The lineup for holding Leo:



James is so delighted with his little brother. He loves to snuggle up beside Leo, tell him little secrets, hold him, walk around with him, etc. For a while he thought it was hilarious to have Leo suck on his finger – and then his cheek. One day I looked at James and asked him what was on his chin – it looked like a little patch of smudged marker. It turned out to be a hickey, because he had put his chin by Leo’s mouth when the little lad was hungry!


My parents had a busy couple weeks before and after Leo’s birth, beginning with a holiday in Hawaii on holidays, followed by a trip to Japan to meet their new little adopted granddaughter. When they returned home, they drove over to our place to meet Leo, and to pick up the older three kids so I could have a few quiet days at home (which, by the way, were just as amazing as you might imagine! The glorious silence! I read more in those three days than I have in the past three months!).

Grandpa and Leo:


Grandpa and the grandkids at his place:


Jeremy and I drove down to the Fraser Valley at the beginning of his Spring Break to introduce Leo to his aunts, uncles and cousins, and to meet Noa, Duane and Skye’s daughter. She’s a month older than Leo, though they’re about the same size.


Little treasures:


Grandpa and Grandma, their new grandbabies, and a typical Sunday night dinner in progress:


Our kids picked up a sickness during our stay in the Fraser Valley, and were miserable for the next week. I was so, so thankful Jeremy was off on Spring Break, as I was feeling quite exhausted just taking care of Leo (who also got a cough and stuffy nose) and myself. Jeremy made dinner for us, tidied up our home, and consoled the kids when they fell apart repeatedly. 🙂


Once they were feeling a bit better, we headed out to a park with some friends.

Alice and Beatrice:


The kids just love holding Leo; it’s one of the best parts of their day. Whenever he gets up from a nap, they flock around him:
“He’s AWAKE!!!”
“His eyes are open, mom!!!”
“Oh, he’s so sweet and precious!” (Alice says this over and over!)
“Can I please hold him??”

Leo Love-4

Leo Love-17

And then Jeremy’s parents came out to visit for a couple days! We loved having them over, and the kids made the most of every opportunity to play games with them, chat with them, and read books with them.

Oma and Alice:


I think they were all looking for Waldo here . . .


I love the look of expectancy on the girls’ faces here!


And then there was the Triduum, the festive celebration of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday! We attended various masses, had a little Easter egg hunt in our home and had a special Easter dinner. ‘Twas lovely! Plus, it was a time of remembrance as it marked one year (already!) since we joined the Catholic Church!

Things have gone alright since Jeremy’s returned to work, mostly because I’ve felt overwhelmed and have been praying, “Lord, I can’t do this on my own! Please help!!!!!” And He has helped, providing laughter some days, patience on others, as well as reminders of just how young and in need of love my children are.

And some photos from the last few days . . .

Leo Love-15

I’m a little biased, but isn’t he just such a little darling?!

Leo Love-14

All of our children have been born with large eyes and a habit of staring at things raptly; Leo’s no different in that regard!!

Leo Love-13

Leo Love-2

Alice and Leo:

Leo Love-6

Leo Love-7

June and Leo:

Leo Love-11

Leo Love-10

James and Leo:

Leo Love-9

Leo Love-8

And one of Leo and me, too:

Leo Love-12

It is beginning to feel springish here in the Okanagan!  Walking around Munson Pond the other day we came across a muskrat swimming in the water, a beaver pond, some redwing blackbirds and sprouting willows buds – which google says is one of the first signs of spring! Hurrah for that!



At the beaver pond:


Practising his “tightrope walking”:




We went out to a mountain bike training park the other day. It’s just five minutes from our home, and seems to be mostly visited by preschool and school-age kids who love biking. James was so thrilled!!! He crashed a couple times (the former pediatric ER nurse in me is scandalized I even let him try it without his forgotten helmet), but got back up and kept going.


And it was Jeremy’s 35th birthday yesterday! We went for a pre-dinner stroll to the Mission Creek greenway and enjoyed a lovely afternoon outside.




And one last photo to wrap up this lengthy post!



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