Quotable Kids

June, just before Leo was born: “Mom, could you pleeeeeease name the baby Sparkle Flower when it is born? It would please me sooooooo much!”

* * *

June, exasperated: “James, you scoundrel!!”

* * *

When I brought June to bed, I mentioned that Jeremy and I would be FaceTiming with our friends, the Shepherds, in a few minutes.
June, as we’re FaceTiming: “Mom, can I please come say hello to the Wise Men?”

* * *

James: “When I grow up, I think I might want to be a hermit . . . or maybe a police officer.”

* * *

James, just prior to losing his first tooth: “Well, Peter Pan had better come quickly to my window at night, or I’ll be too old to go to Neverland!!!”

* * *

James, after tiptoeing into Leo’s room to fetch something: “I tiptoed so quietly I almost didn’t even know I was there!”

* * *

I zipped up Alice’s coat and gave her a kiss before she went outside.
Alice, seriously: “Mom, it’s a rainstorm. It’s not going to eat me up.”


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