Summer Days

We’ve had an excellent start to our summer so far! Just before Jeremy’s last week of school, we slipped out to North Barriere Lake for a short vacation with his family. It was so beautiful there! We had a little cabin on a bluff overlooking the lake – what a sight to wake up to every morning!



It was a bit cooler than expected, with cloudy days and mist-shrouded mountains. Beautiful!



Our kids had a great time playing with their cousins!


Roasting enormous marshmallows.



Ha! I just had to include this photo of my dear husband smiling for the camera! I was taking a picture of him and he was just looking at me with the faintest crook to his lip. It couldn’t even be called a smile. “Oh come now!” I chided, “Can’t you smile a little bit more?” This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! Why yes, he can! Such verve!


My favourite part of the trip was kayaking on the lake one evening. The water was so calm, the light of the day was fading, and the mountains looked simply splendid. Along the shores little campfires were burning and everything looked so homey and beautiful.


Family photo:


We did get eaten badly by mosquitoes and no-seeums, but we won’t dwell on that little fact.

After Jeremy completed his school year (hurrah!), we packed up and skedaddled to the Fraser Valley. We borrowed my mom and dad’s motorhome and went camping at Rolley Lake for a while. (In my opinion, tents and babies just don’t belong in the same sentence.) It’s a beautiful place – there are so many impressive, tall trees in that neck of the woods! We walked around the lake, checked out the (unbearably crowded) beach, walked to some waterfalls . . .



Jeremy is an excellent and efficient camper. He takes care of the fires, the camp stove, the arranging of the gear, etc. Here h’s teaching the kids how to properly start a fire:


James started his own fire! Success! He was VERY pleased.



Leo was quite grumpy during our stay at Barriere, but did much better at Rolley.


Enjoying a visit with Opa and Oma!


After our camping trip, I drove down to Camano Island to visit with a dear friend who was visiting from Australia! Megan is one of the kindest, sincerest and most enthusiastic people I know, and it was delightful to catch up with her.


Leo and I then spent four days at the River House. It was so quiet, so peaceful, so relaxing! While I was there, the kids rambled, explored, and generally had a fabulous time at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

James (and Jeremy) went flying in a Cessna with his Uncle Anthony! It was, in his words, “amazing.”



And now we’re home again, back to regular life . . .

Alice’s birthday . . .



She loved going to the beach!



Oh, just a little bit of lightning off in the distance! 🙂


Leo = not a fan of having his toes dipped in Okanagan Lake!


That’s it for today! Hope your summer is off to a lovely beginning as well! Tot ziens!


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