Hi, I’m Arenda! I’m a Catholic convert (you can read the full story here), wife to my handsome, soul-warming husband, Jeremy, and mom to four adorable, story-loving children: James, June, Alice and Leo. I’ve loved reading ever since I was a little girl.

This blog is a personal journal, one in which I write about my day-to-day life at home with our kids, homeschooling using Charlotte Mason’s methods, as well as where I share snippets from my commonplace journal.

ArendaAnd because the books you love say a little something about who you are, here’s a little glimpse into my heart:

I loved Anne of Green Gables in elementary school because of the impassioned way Anne loves the good and beautiful things of life, like family, friendship and poetry. The scene in which she acts out The Lady of Shalott is forever imprinted on my heart . . .

The Mark of the Lion was my favourite series in high school; I wanted to be good, humble and devoted to God like Hadassah, and I loved the way Francine Rivers depicted how counter-cultural it is for an ordinary girl to live out her faith.

Pride and Prejudice swept me off my feet in university with its sparkling wit and the way in which both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy come to realize their own shortcomings, and come to understand each other’s hearts. What a beautiful thing.

It’s been over a decade since I graduated from university, and since then I’ve been employed as a nurse, met and married my husband, and have given birth to four precious babies. Today the books nearest my heart are Jane Eyre and The Mill on the Floss. I admire Jane’s moral fortitude and the spirited way she converses with Mr. Rochester. And Mollie Tolliver’s love-hungry heart makes mine ache, while her personal integrity makes me want to be a better woman.

I love reading because there is nothing like a story to show you something beautiful, tell you something true, examine a heart and confront you with both the joys and problems of our existence.

Thanks for joining me here at The Upcast Eye!


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