Day 10 of 10

One of Leo’s favourite things to do these days is to blow raspberries.

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Day 8 9 10-19

Day 8 9 10 copy

Day 8 9 10-17

We usually finish the bulk of our homeschool work in the morning during Leo’s nap and have slower afternoons. Today we worked on some paper sloyd, making envelopes and tucking little drawings and notes inside them.

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Day 9 of 10: Narrating for Fun

Last night after dinner, the kids wanted to re-create a scene from The Little Duke (one of James’s school books) that had particularly struck them. Richard (the 9-year old duke) is being held prisoner by the King of France and when he and his squire go outside the castle walls to go for a dip in the river (it’s a frying hot summer day), the queen harshly scolds them, threatening to poke out the squire’s eyes if Richard doesn’t obey.

James, June and Alice each took turns being Queen Gerberge and uttering dire threats against Richard.

Day 8 9 10-11

June relishing her role, and finding it a bit hard to take it seriously!

Day 8 9 10-12

Alice as Queen Gerberge:

Day 8 9 10-13

Richard and his squire:

Day 8 9 10-14

James’s turn:

Day 8 9 10-15

The chastised duke:

Day 8 9 10-16

There was so much laughing and roaring! So fun!

Day 8 of 10

My sweet little boys! Leo just loves his older brother and gets so excited when James is around. And James loves to spend time with Leo – snuggling with him, finding him toys to play with, giving him airplane rides, etc.

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Never a shortage of hands to hold/protect this little one!

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Day 8 9 10-7

Just climbing the maple . . . again!

Day 8 9 10-8

Today’s afternoon activity: African GeoPuzzle.

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Day 7 of 10

I forgot to photos today, except this one of our schedule for the day. I keep trying to figure out a way to let James know what we’re doing for school that day, without it being a pain in the butt. For now we’re giving the notebook checklist a try. James really enjoyed being able to check off what we accomplished today, and he liked knowing how much more schoolwork was left to do.

Day 7

Day 6 of 10

Leo dressed in his Sunday best. I find baby boys in sweater vests to be completely irresistible!!

Day 6

We went for a little bike ride with some friends to Ben Lee Park this afternoon. It was a cold but sunshiny day, and off in the distance you could see these big, bare hills. A few deciduous trees were still holding onto their leaves, and there were adorable little acorns with their little acorn hats dotting the ground. The kids joyfully romped about while their mother and I chatted, and a good time was had by all.

Day 6-2

When we got home again, we were quite chilled, so we cozied up in the living room with some hot chocolate and read aloud from My Book House. June chose today’s story: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s a great story, and the kids were on the edge of their seat.

Day 6-3

And we played our regular Sunday afternoon game of Monopoly. I’m really enjoying this little tradition!

Day 6 copy

Day 5 of 10

Today was an ordinary but lovely Saturday.

I slept in while Jeremy took care of the kids in the morning, then went out to Once Upon a Child to pick up some new-to-us clothes for Leo. In the afternoon we tidied up the house, read some books, went to the park, and the kids played out in the yard. Day 5-7

Day 5-8

Races on the front lawn:

Day 5

Somersaulting contest:

Day 5-3

Day 5-2

James has been into hammering lately. Even hammering rocks into the ground. Hmm, maybe we need to get some more 2x4s and nails . . .

Day 5-4

Day 5-5

The kids call walking along this garden retaining wall walking on “The Giant’s Wiggly Teeth”!

Day 5-6

Hope your weekend has been ordinary and lovely, too!

Day 4 of 10: Leo Love and Balloon Rescuers

My little Leo love. He gets so many red marks on his head throughout the day from bumping against the table, poor dear!

Day 4-5

That’s a fine looking pen grip, little one.

Day 4-4

Day 4-3

Day 4-6

June telling me a dramatic story. (Dramatic stories are the best.)

Day 4-7

Speaking of stories, here’s a fun one for you!

This past summer, Alice received a few helium balloons for her birthday . . . and that reminded Jeremy of something. Back in elementary school, we used to have Balloon Day. My memories of it are rather fuzzy, but I think that each of the children in a grade would get a helium balloon, as well as a postcard on which to write a brief message to the finder of that balloon. The postcard also included the address of the school, and a request to send in a note if you found the balloon. Our elementary school was about an hour outside of Vancouver, BC, and Jeremy remembers that a person found a balloon way out by the Rocky Mountains!

So he was inspired. He attached a note to Alice’s balloons and he and the kids watched them drift away on the breeze.

A few days ago, we received a letter in the mail, saying that a couple here in Kelowna came across Alice’s balloons while out on a walk with their dog. The balloons had popped, but they could see the note attached, and the guy got very determined to retrieve them from the 30 to 40 foot tree in which they were trapped. He threw rocks at them for a good half an hour, and then went back the next morning with a rope and spent over an hour attempting to knock it down! Other people out on their nature walks stopped, observed him for a while, asked him what he was up to . . . and he eventually knocked it out of the tree!

They sent a letter in the mail with the popped balloons and Jeremy’s note, and included a picture of themselves and a few pictures of the tree the balloons were found in.

Isn’t that so fun?

Day 4-2

James, June and Alice drew some pictures today to send to the Balloon Rescuers.

Day 4