Day 3 of 10: June’s Birthday, and Birthday Interview

Junie's Birthday

Junie's Birthday-9

Junie's Birthday-2

Two years ago in Fruitvale, there was a marvellous rainbow on June’s birthday. And today, the clouds were aflame as the sun went down. James and June came rushing to the house shouting, “Mom, look at the sky! It looks like heaven!!!”

Junie's Birthday copy

Junie's Birthday-2 copy

When we were at Value Village the other day, in search of mittens for the winter, June found a ‘princess dress’ and convinced me to purchase it for her. She is thrilled with it, and insisted on wearing it today when her friends came over.

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Q: How old are you today, sweetheart?
A: Five!

Q: And what sorts of things can you do now that you’re five?
A: I think I can climb the pine tree, and start my lessons of the maple. And maybe even start reading, and start colouring pictures better! And, so, I’m really excited!
Q: What are you excited about?
A: That’s it’s my birthday. Which is today!

Q: What are we having for dinner tonight on your birthday?
A: Creamy Taco Mac!

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing?
A: Looking out the window. And drawing pictures. I might make paper dolls some time! Those are the things I like, and I like Brave Irene too! Like Brave Irene, can I go to the Duchess?
Q: Where’s the Duchess?
A: I don’t know!


We borrowed this book (Brave Irene by William Steig) from the library a year ago, and June still mentions it from time to time. So when I found it at a book sale recently, I snapped it up! June was thrilled to see it amongst her gifts today.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your sister, Alice.
A: She likes playing with my tea set, even though it’s for special days like holidays and Sundays. She likes playing Child and Mom with me!

Q: Tell me a bit about James.
A: James likes to play games with me, especially chess and Monopoly. He read Brave Irene to me this morning, and those are the things I know about him.

Q: Tell me a bit about Leo.
A: He does a little bit of crawling every day, and he loves to do army-crawling. And he loves to watch us from the window, but he does that only when we’re playing outside!

Q: What do you and I do together?
A: Snuggle together in bed at bedtime, and there’s one thing I know about you that I like – you like Brave Irene!

Q: What are some things that you and dad do together?
A: Oh! Dad reads the {Beatrix Potter} book at bedtime, and a few times does he read, The Man As Big as Your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: My birthday! And so, today I’m happy!

Q: What is something scary?
A: When James pretends to be a monster in the dark! Well, I don’t know if it’s a real monster or if it’s James, and I think it’s a real monster, but then it’s just James!
James: Sometimes June runs away and screams and she’s so frightened, and then I call after her and say, “June” and then she gingerly comes back.

Q: What are you really good at?
A: Playing chess! And climbing the cherry tree. Alice is great at starting to climb the cherry tree! And I’m starting to climb the pine tree and the maple tree! And I’m starting to jump from the cherry tree! What if I was at the tippy-top of the maple tree and I jumped from there?

Q: What do you want to do for a job when you grow up?
A: A monk.
Q: Well, you have to be a boy to be a monk.
A: Okay, then, well, a nun.

Q: What is your favourite song?
A: O Jesus Thou the Beauty Art.

Q: What stories do you enjoy hearing about?
A: The Man as Big as Your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long! And The Maggie B. And Brave Irene. Those are my three best stories in the world!!!
Q: And why do you like those stories?
A: Because they’re so fun and so interesting!

Q: What is something new you’d like to try?
A: I’d like to try on that Christmas dress that you got me!

Q: What do you think about before you fall asleep?
A: Mary. Because I have that Mary picture!
Q: What do you love about God?
A: That He made all of us, and that He made the world!

Junie's Birthday-7


Alice’s 3rd Birthday

Our little Alice Genevieve turned three yesterday! She is a sweet, happy little girl who brings so much joy to our lives! Alice and I went to Mass together in the morning and then we went to splash park with some friends. It was roasting hot yesterday (37 degrees), so in the evening we took our dinner to the beach and the kids swam in the lake while a lightning storm flashed on the horizon. It was wonderful!





I did a little birthday interview with Alice today; here it is!

Q: How old are you now, Alice?
A: Three!

Q: What are some things you can do now that you’re three?
A: That… it’s my birthday!
Q: Anything else that you can do?
A: Play in the playroom! Yeah, that’s what I can do.

Q: What did you do for your birthday yesterday?
A: I had some cake, and you read some books for me.
Q: Did you go anywhere special?
A: Yes! To church with you!!
Q: Oh, right. And did we go anywhere else/
A: And to the splash park! It was so fun!

Q: What are some things you did at Grandpa and Grandma’s place last week?
A: Played with the toys! Playing on the tramp, playing in the rain, yep.

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing, Alice?
A. Playing with my Picasso Tiles in the playroom, playing with my balloons, playing with Leo!
Q: Those are fun things. Is there anything else you enjoy doing?
A: Playing with pencils. Playing “Warrior” with the pencils.

Q: What’s your favourite song?
A: “Ik zag twee beren!”
(Alice loves incorporating a bit of Dutch into our days. She calls Leo a little liefje (sweetheart), says “lekker slaapen!” at bedtime, and loves, loves, loves singing this song!)

Q: What’s your favourite book?
A: One of my new books. (Points to The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes which we haven’t read yet!)
Q: What sort of stories do you enjoy hearing about?
A: These ones.

Q: What are some things that you like to do with June and James?
A: Play with them.

Q: What do you and I do together?
A: Play with each other, and go to church with each other.

Q: What are some things that you and dad do together?
A: Play with my Picasso Tiles.

Q: What is your favourite thing to eat, Alice?
A: German pancakes, and this (oatmeal with peaches and plain yogurt)!

Q: What makes you happy?
A: Leo’s little baby noises makes me happy! And I like playing with you in the playroom!

Q: What’s something scary?
A: Dragons!
Q: Oh, dragons are pretty scary! Anything else?
A: Monsters are scary.

Q: What are you really good at?
A: I’m really good at… BREAKFAST!
Q: Oh! What else are you really good at?
A: Making Picasso Tile houses.

Q: What do you want to do when you grow up?
A: Play with dad.
Q: Oh! Anything else you’d like to do?
A: Play with James, and June. And be an adult!

Q: What do you think about before you fall asleep?
A: (Says in a whisper) Be quiet.

Q: What do you love about God?
A: I like seeing him.
Q: Pardon? Where do you see God?
A: Up in the sky.
Q: What else do you like about Jesus?
A: Jesus is my best friend.

Quotable Kids

June, just before Leo was born: “Mom, could you pleeeeeease name the baby Sparkle Flower when it is born? It would please me sooooooo much!”

* * *

June, exasperated: “James, you scoundrel!!”

* * *

When I brought June to bed, I mentioned that Jeremy and I would be FaceTiming with our friends, the Shepherds, in a few minutes.
June, as we’re FaceTiming: “Mom, can I please come say hello to the Wise Men?”

* * *

James: “When I grow up, I think I might want to be a hermit . . . or maybe a police officer.”

* * *

James, just prior to losing his first tooth: “Well, Peter Pan had better come quickly to my window at night, or I’ll be too old to go to Neverland!!!”

* * *

James, after tiptoeing into Leo’s room to fetch something: “I tiptoed so quietly I almost didn’t even know I was there!”

* * *

I zipped up Alice’s coat and gave her a kiss before she went outside.
Alice, seriously: “Mom, it’s a rainstorm. It’s not going to eat me up.”

Quotable Kids


June: “Mom, I feel deadly tired!”

June, after a wind storm: “Mom, I just want to keep the baby inside you in case the wind storm happens again!!!”

James: “Alice, you are as sweet as the North Wind is hard!”

We were listening to the Peterson “Birding by Ear” CD and the narrator described a bird as having a hoarse call. I tried to demonstrate what ‘hoarse’ sounds like and made a low, rumbling noise.
James: “Oh!!! You mean it has a sort of Russian accent?!”

James: “Mom, I am just crushed to find out that Captain Hook’s first name is James!”

After I’d been telling James about how June and Alice have been waking up most nights and climbing into bed with me, he offered to let them climb into bed with him instead; I thanked him for his kind offer.
James: “Can we talk further about this matter tomorrow?”

James, at bedtime: “I’m full, my heart is merry, and I feel I could sleep the clock round!!!”


June’s 4th Birthday

Four years ago, our little June Adelle was born! Her birth was fast, but oh-so-intense, and she’s got a lot of that same intensity in her personality! She’s also so fun, loves to laugh, and loves to be goofy. We love her so much!

June as a newborn:


During her chunky, teething stage. She was born with a little sparkle in her eye, and I love seeing it in so many photos of her!


Our little sunshine:


June’s 2nd birthday, in Hamilton:


June’s 3rd birthday, in Fruitvale:


One of my favourite pictures of her:


And her fourth birthday, in West Kelowna:


June’s 4th Birthday Interview

Mom: How old are you today, sweetheart?
June: Three! I mean, four!

Mom: And what sorts of things can you do now that you’re four?
June: Well, I can probably climb, and jump, and play with Josefina (her new doll), and put on clothes. And, are my feet big, mom?
Mom: Haha, they’re getting bigger, but they’re not as big as mine yet!

Mom: What are some things you enjoy doing?
June: Colouring, eating, and playing outside, and climbing trees, and swinging on the swing, and eating stuff in our den for pretend, and I really like looking at books. And I really like making branches and doors, and looking at doors, and playing in the snow when it’s wintertime, and HAVING BIRTHDAYS!!!
Mom: Oh, fun! Anything else you enjoy?
June: No, just birthdays.

Mom: Tell me a little bit about your sister, Alice.
June: She likes coming outside and playing in the snow with us, and she really likes jumping, too. Mom, this is what Alice does, I’m going to do something that Alice does (climbs onto the piano bench and then carefully climbs down like Alice does). And she really likes warming up in the blanket, and she really likes looking at toys and playing with toys, and she really likes looking at pictures and colouring, and eating stuff in our den, too.

Mom: Tell me a little bit about James.
June: He really likes playing warriors, and reading books to me – like readers, and Owl and the Strange Bumps and How Owl Let The Snow In. And he reads Frog and Toad, and Frog and Toad and the Lost Button, and he really likes reading books. And he likes playing with Josefina, too.
James: No, I don’t!

Mom: What do you and I do together?
June: We read books. And we go to the Mom and Tots group. And we put on bathrobes – I put on a bathrobe, and you put on a bathrobe, after sleeping. And we go to bed late!

Mom: What are some things that you and dad do together?
June: Dad likes looking at [videos of] how pants are made, and how pillows are made, and this is a new one that I made up – how shirts are made! (Jeremy and June were watching some How It’s Made videos on YouTube the other day.)

Mom: What makes you happy?
June: Birthdays!
Mom: Ah, yes. What else?
June: Nothing, only you guys.

Mom: What is something scary?
June: That James is making monsters and showing them to me!!! (James had been drawing pictures of beasts and monsters around Halloween.)

Mom: What are you really good at?
June: Spying, like I said at the Mom and Tots group, “I spy with my little eye something that has glass and has windows! And it was a door!” My eyes are really keen!

Mom: And what do you want to do for a job when you grow up?
June: Flying airplanes, and making remote control stuff, and making airplanes. That’s what I like. I do. And I don’t know any other things.

Mom: What is your favourite song?
June, chanting: I love the Lord, the fount of life and grace / He heard my voice my cry and supplication / Inclined his ear, gave strength and consolation / In life and death, my heart will seek his face.

Mom: What stories do you enjoy hearing about?
June: Sleeping Beauty!
Mom: And why do you like that story?
June: Because I like it when she is cursed.
Mom: Oh, that’s a surprise! What other part of the story do you like?
June: Just that part.

Mom: And what is your favourite poem?
James: John, John, Bad King John. And I like it when he’s bad!

Mom: What is something new you’d like to try?
June: Josefina’s clothes on!

Mom: What do you think about before you fall asleep?
June: God. And when you’re at work, I think about you and pray for you that you wouldn’t have car smashes.

Mom: What do you love about God?
June: That He is great! That’s all I know

* * * *

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Quotable Kids, October 2017

James: “Mom, I do declare that there is a faint, buzzing sound in the air.”

James to me: “Oh, are you about to make dinner? Well, here I am, your little scullion ready to help you!”

James to Jeremy: “I’m listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader right now, and I’m at the part where Eustace Clarence Scrubb is still such a beast!”

During a conversation about babysitters:
James: “Well, I would like to have Methuselah as my babysitter!” (A kindly old mouse in the Redwall series.)

James, while putting cheese on his toast: “Who wouldn’t let the cheese man in at the door? And all the good little children get double lumps of cheese!”

June, pretending to shoot her bow: “Alice, you’re Smaug and I’m Bard. Twang! Twang!”
Alice: <laughs>
June, affronted: “Hey, Smaug doesn’t laugh!!”

June, reading Frog and Toad to Alice: “And this is Frodo, and this is Sam.”

June, in a sing-song voice:
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.
Catch a mouse by its toe.
If it’s Reepicheep say hello!
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

June, holding up a copy of Cinderella: “Mom, what’s the name of this book again? Mozzarella?”