Cdn. Living Books

One of the challenges of using Ambleside Online is that the curriculum is made for American students. While searching about for engaging, well-written accounts of Canada’s story, I came across the Great Stories of Canada series . . . and so far they live up to their name! I thought I’d include some book reviews on my blog in case other Canadian Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are looking for excellent historical literature to read with their children.

Great Stories of Canada #20: The Man from St. Malo by Robert D. Ferguson ★★★★ 
(1532 – 1557) The story of Jacques Cartier attempting to find the North-West Passage and instead finding the St. Lawrence River.

Great Stories of Canada #7: The Map-Maker by Kerry Wood ★★★★★
(1784 – 1857) An exciting biography of David Thompson, a Welsh map-maker who explored and mapped half of North America.

Great Stories of Canada #29: The Good Soldier: The Story of Isaac Brock by D.J. Goodspeed ★★★ 1/2
(1791 – 1812) A biography of Sir Isaac Brock who was Major-General during the War of 1812 in which Canada defended itself against the invading Americans.

Great Stories of Canada #10: The Bold Heart: The Story of Father Lacombe by Josephine Phelan ★★★★★
(1853 – 1916) “As a young Oblate missionary, Father Lacombe went in to the vast North-West Territory to work among the Indians; he shared their poverty, their hunger, their dangers; he nursed them through violent plagues of measles and smallpox; he was peacemaker between tribes and between the white man and the Indian.”